Rhetoric and Dialectic

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Rhetoric and Dialectic

“In the restored man dialectic and rhetoric will go along hand in hand as the regime of the human faculties intended that they should do.  That is why the recovery of value and of community in our time calls for a restatement of the broadly cultural role of rhetoric.”  — from Weaver’s “The Cultural Role of Rhetoric

Aristotle on Dialectic

Richard M. Weaver on the relationship of rhetoric to dialectic

“Exploring Weaver” The Wittenberg Hour podcast, Summer 2020

Luther’s Small Catechism is a grammar that utilizes rhetoric and is formed by dialectic to teach children in a way that aids memory and, simultaneously, cultivates an ear for musicality in language (which, in turn, cultivates eloquence).

I elucidate in this presentation why it is important to read Luther’s Catechism in this light!

Read a presentation I delivered about teaching in tandem Rhetoric & Dialectic

Study here, on RhetoricRing.com, how I teach in tandem dialectic and rhetoric to cultivate wisdom and eloquence.

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