Oral Interpretation of Literature

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Oral Interpretation of Literature


The focus of this course is on participating in imaginative literature through discussing it, analyzing it, and especially, performing it.
Oral interpretation will be studied as an art which equips the student to understand the organic relationship between texts and performance of these texts. Therefore, the specific objectives of the course are to enable the student to achieve the following:

A. familiarity with the fundamental tools of interpretation.

B. acquisition of a functional vocabulary of literary terms.

C. responsiveness to the dramatic potential in literature.

There are a number of papers and performances in this course, all designed to build the learner’s mastery of classical canons of literature and to develop a sense of style, explore meter and rhythm in language, and become conversant in the language of beautiful language. (I have posted little here in the way of course materials because, alas, I have not had occasion to teach this course since my graduate teaching assistant
days. Some day, perhaps . . .)

Still, I would offer the following helps (in pdf format):

I have other materials on file. You have but to ask . . .