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God has granted me a season of repose, the first in my adult life, actually, in which to write and reflect . . . as I acclimate to life in the “weird” environs of Austin, TX!  The occasion of my fifteenth year of involvement in the Classical Lutheran Education movement seems a reasonable juncture at which to share some of the insights gleaned along the way.  I hope to have the collection published by late 2017.

The proposed volume will help teachers of the Trivium—grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric—better understand classical pedagogy. Beyond pedagogy, it is my prayer that my observations will shed light also on a variety of curricular, administrative, philosophical, and practical concerns.  Pastors may even find something of interest here (pertaining to casuistry and disputations) as well as home educators (teaching in tandem dialectic and rhetoric to cultivate wisdom and eloquence).  (All essays have been either presented at conferences or published in one form or another over the past several years, with the exception of two, in progress, that will round out the collection.)   Reflections on Classical Lutheran Education

October 24th 2016 |

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