Image of Culture (20 Jan 13)

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Well, friends, according to our schedule, we begin discussing “The Image of Culture” today. There is a version of it posted at “Weaver’s Top Ten” here on for your convenience. I invite others to initiate this discussion, since, as I posted the other day, I have an aversion to talking to myself. (Please read “The Image of Culture,” whether or not you plan to post your thoughts. And you will have thoughts. Thoughts will flood your cerebral cortex like a tsunami. This is the essay that, above all others, raises the questions that shaped this blogfest. By the time you wade past the introductory paragraphs you will encounter Weaver on being a doctor of culture, his thought on cultural cohesion, and his notion of the “tyrannizing image.”  Deep waters.)

If I don’t hear from anyone this week, I’ll assume the timing was bad and pull the plug on this little project. ;)

January 20th 2013 |

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