For those PHC students who wish to get an early start

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Greetings!  The bulk of our online discussions in Rhetoric class will revolve around five of the essays found here: Weaver’s Top Ten

If you’d like to make an early start, try reading “Education and the Individual” and “The Image of Culture.”  We can certainly get started here, at, discussing the brilliance of Richard M. Weaver (one of the fathers of American philosophic conservatism.)  Why Weaver?
First, we will learn a great deal from Weaver regarding the relation of rhetoric to dialectic.  Second, his understanding of culture is second to none, and finally, the way Weaver models conservative cultural critique is vital reading for all who would “influence the culture for Christ and for Liberty.”  By the end of this term we will have circled the notion of cultural criticism, or, as Weaver puts it, “being a doctor of culture,” more than once.  But, Dr. Tallmon, what does that have to do with Rhetoric class?
Answer me this:  About what do you wish to persuade others?
I look forward to talking with you!

January 3rd 2015 |

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