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Beginning July 22, 2012 you will find here posts moderated by Dr. Jim Tallmon and Mr. Isaiah McPeak in which those interested will discuss the following chapter/essays from Language is Sermonic, according to the timetable below, as a way of observing the 50th anniversary of Weaver’s landmark lecture.



 July 22    First blog post

July 26 Kickoff event: A Public Reading of Weaver’s “Language is Sermonic” (streamed live at )

  • Blog posts/discussions will follow according to this schedule:

July 29      “The Power of the Word”

Aug 5          “To Write the Truth”

Aug 12       “The Cultural Role of Rhetoric”; “The Phaedrus and the Nature of Rhetoric”

Aug 19      “Ultimate Terms in Contemporary Rhetoric”

Aug 26      Wrap-up: Return to “Language is Sermonic”

  • What have we learned?
  • Where do we go from here?