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Page 389 of the “Epilogue” begs an important question: How ought we conservatives mount an offensive in 2013 America, and beyond? In other words, what are some of the elements that we will need to integrate into our “unorthodox defense of orthodoxy” as we attempt to bring our nation back to its roots? For example, on page 391, Weaver writes of the challenge to “save the human spirit by re-creating a non-materialist society.”  This is certainly the kind of question we should answer during the coming weeks!

Speaking of challenges, I challenge all who participate in this blogfest to NOT answer that question YET. Rather, let’s all compile a record of poignant passages, throughout the next weeks, then we’ll have a really substantive “Wrap-up session,” on March 3-10, when we discuss “Arguing the Conservative Cause.” Okay? Sweet.


Dr. Follette,

This is a direct question for you. The aim here is to “kick-off” our discussion, and I don’t expect you to post a response until January 6th. It will give us something to look forward to! Anticipation, what?! . . .

On page 390, Weaver posits that the South needs “a metaphysic of its position.” It seems to me that a good deal of Weaver’s scholarship was motivated by this very consideration. How much of Weaver’s thought would you say is devoted to this project? AND, What are the elements of the metaphysic of the Southern culture?

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