Policy Speeches

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Policy Speeches


You will give two speeches on the same contemporary policy controversy. The policy controversy speeches form the heart of this course. You will notice that, together, they account for one third of your course mark

In the first speech you will give the audience an overview of the controversy. You will explain the nature of the controversy, who the key players are in the controversy and any background necessary for the audience to acquire a preliminary grasp of the situation. You will then provide an "underview" of the controversy. That is, you are to analyze the nature of the controversy, and where the advocates clash on issues, for the benefit of your audience. You are not allowed to make known your position. This is a good exercise in restraint; nothing comes to us more naturally than to "pound the pulpit," and tell everybody exactly how they ought to think. But thinking people usually appreciate being generally informed before attempts are made to persuade them.

The Persuasive assignment is where you get to go for it. You are invited to make the best case possible for the side of the controversy that makes most sense to you. Boths speeches are detailed in the links below. There are a number of helps linked to those pages as well. Go here to get help choosing a suitable topic.

Good luck!

  1. Analysis of Controversy Speech
  2. Persuasive Speech