Policy Debate

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Policy Debate


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This assignment will give you some exposure to the joys of debating. You will work as a team to compose an affirmative case that addresses all the stock issues, is well reasoned and employs high quality evidence. One case will be submitted per team; group grade assigned.

Each team member will contribute a speech or cross examination on the day of the debate. The format is as follows:

Flip for sides

Preliminary Brainstorming (10 min)


Aff–6 min


Prep (Neg CXer "compares notes" w/ Neg
Constructive speaker) 4 min total

Neg–7 min


Prep (Aff CXer "compares notes" w/ Aff
Constructive speaker) 2 min total

2AC (4 min)

2NC (4 min)

Session– 6 min


Neg–4 min

Prep–2 min

Aff–5 min

Each person will also "flow" the debate. There will be separate evaluation forms as follows:

CrossXers are graded on how well they pursue in cross examination, get to the stasis, and communicate with their teammate. Rebuttal speakers on general speech requirements + how well they focus the debate and address the opponent’s arguments. Constructive speakers on general speech requirements + how well they integrate teammate’s input and fulfill their burden.

The assignment grade is then determined by averaging the case grade together with the average of your
individual speech and the "flow" grades. In other words, the case is worth as much as the other two marks combined.

Decide ahead of time who would prefer which job according to individual preferences and temperament. On the second day, we’ll switch sides and go at it again!