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Bloviation is the quickest way to kill an endeavor of this nature!This blogfest aims to approximate the give-and-take of classroom (or, better yet, a coffee shop) discussion: succint thoughts, piggy-backing, brief challenges and/or efforts to extend a line of analysis, followed by pithy rebuttals.

If you want to write a treatise, please do! Offline. Then post a link here, along with an invitation to read it. And we will, when our busy schedules allow. Okay? (and let’s not forget, we’re going to do an occasional Skype chat session, precisely for the purpose of “teasing out” more fully some of the lines of inquiry introduced on the discussion threads.)

A good guideline is 5-6 lines max/post. Brevity is the soul of wit.

December 26th 2012 |

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